Visiting Your Dreamland? This is Why you need a Travel Clinic

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Getting sick after reaching another place is quite common. Sometimes the sickness is mild and can go away by taking some local medicines. Other are severe and will have a huge impact in your life. A lot of cases have been reported on deaths because of falling sick while travelling. No one likes the thought of getting sick after reaching their favorite destination as we all plan for this day for so long. When the time finally arrives, the happiness is exalted and can not be articulated in words.  You never know what type of disease is lurking in a place. Before you visit them , the disease gets in full mood of attacking people. Since your immune system is low compared to others (that you never know), it will affect you more easily and quickly before anyone else.

So being a traveller, it’s really important to get your vaccinations done. You need to discuss this with your doctor before deciding on visiting any place. If you protect yourself, you can enjoy your dreamland much better. Some diseases have vaccination to protect its native from having the life threatening condition. Others are so rare and sudden that by the time the disease starts attacking your body, there would be no vaccination to protect you. The case that recently happened with coronavirus. Whatever might be the story, these deaths and sudden outburst of diseases will always compel you to focus more on travel medicines. Before visiting any place, make a habit of consulting with travel health specialists who will guide you throughout your journey to a strange land.

What’s the Point of Visiting a Travel Clinic?

Some countries and places are prone to diseases and if you land in those areas, chances are you will be at higher risks of getting the disease. When you are visiting a private travel clinic in London, what you are doing is taking full protection against the disease and viruses that might be lurking in those places. Every place has a different disease prone specific agent which tends to attack humans without any warning. It’s like an epidemic. Asain countries are a spot for many tourists and people love to visit uncanny and strange lands. If you travel in parts of Asia, you are much likely to get vaccinated on:

  • Routine vaccinations such as measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid

Every vaccine for a particular region depends on the traveler needs and travel activities:

  • Japanese Encephalitis – this disease is more likely to attack a traveler who spends a lot of time in rural locations, especially around rice fields and farms
  • Meningitis (Meningococcal) – the risk for this disease is somehow low but if you spend maximum time in some densely populated areas, the chances of getting this infection becomes more prominent.

The reason of visiting your travel clinic is quite justifiable because:

  • If you fall sick while travelling, it might be too expensive for you to bear the cost. In case of disease that tends to be more communicable, the country might banish you out from that region. In such a case you might be airlifted for treatment. Such things add up your cost of travelling.
  • Getting sick while travelling means you are having serious health risks to you and other travellers too.
  • You might bring the disease back to your own place without even noticing. This will endanger your family, friends and with whomever you contact.

A lot of countries would only allow in their place once you have had vaccines prior to landing. Along with the passport and visa, you need to take your vaccines seriously. Some countries have the rule of showing the reports of your immunization. If you fail to show that, your visa and passport will be a total waste. If you visit your travel clinic before landing in a different country, it will eliminate the risks of ruining your trip.

Do I need a Travel Vaccine?

Travel vaccinations will help you in protecting your life from the potential disease that is lurking in that region. It makes your immune system so strong that it can fight against the disease. Vaccines are safe and effective enough in preventing the infections from a place which result in spreading like an epidemic.

Some of the most common ones which might happen are malaria and rabies. These are spread mostly in rural areas.

During planning to travel abroad, you should need to consult with the private doctors in London. It is essential to get vaccinated against some serious diseases or infections to stay protected while traveling.

Rabies vaccination

Rabies happens when you travel to an extreme rural area and have chances of getting a dog’s bite. Though rabies can be transferred by any dog if that agent is carried in him. If you plan to go for an outside tour like camping, hiking, biking, adventure travel, and caving, getting this rabies vaccine might be of great help.

The fact should not be denied that a lot of death happens in Asia and Africa as a lot of locals struggle to afford personal vaccinations and vaccinations for their dogs. You never know when you’ll get bitten by a monkey or a dog. Rabies vaccination becomes very important in this sector while travelling to Asia.

One thing to keep in mind is, in some parts of Asian countries, there would be a shortage for the rabies vaccine. Hence, be sure of the place where you travel. You don’t want to place your life in danger while travelling.

In fact, a lot of rural and other developing areas use old rabies vaccines instead of a new one. It will increase the chances of getting an allergic reaction.


If you visit some of the places where dirts rule the entire area, your chances of getting malaria increases to 99%. Bad living conditions increases the risk. In some parts of Asia, when the disease is not treated, it may result in severe death. So, it’s really important for the travellers to take antimalarial vaccine before visiting such areas.

How to Protect yourself While Travelling

Even after the vaccination, you might have the chance of falling ill. This depends on the habits you choose after going to that place. There are many healthy habits you can follow to have a much healthier moments abroad. Visiting your travel clinic is a must, apart from that what else is needed! Here’s some informations:

Health tips for Travelling

Here we have talked about the possibility of getting diseases but what about preventive care? Without knowing how to take precautions, it can increase the chances of getting sick. Henceforth, follow these health tips to ensure that you have a safe journey and safe travel.

  • Drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. In Asia, you won’t find purified tap water everywhere. While taking shower make sure to close your mouth. Avoid excess of water swallowing from outside, especially if you encounter any type of water festival. Avoid any icy drinks. If you know the source of the ice and it’s from the safe place, then no issues. Have it as much as you like!

  • Sanitizing your hands

Keeping your hands clean is very very important. Dirts are all around. Make sure to wash your hands and sanitize it properly while using the bathroom or even while roaming for a long time. It’s always safe to carry a hand sanitizer. Apply it whenever you are in touch or contact with some object or person.

  • Prevent insect bites

I know you want to look good clicking pics of the places you visit. But your health should be the first thing you should take care of. Wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid any insect bites. The more you expose your body to the soil and air, the more risk you create of getting sick.

  • Be careful of your food choices

People visit places to try out the dishes and various unique cuisine from all the countries. Make sure you are not indulging in foods which are half cooked or raw meat. These tend to carry parasites which can easily get inside your body and can cause severe health risks.

These advice and vaccinations tips will help you in having a safe journey abroad!

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