The Best Usage of Mobile with Android App Development

The mobile with android app development, its features and fun tools are spreading awareness to the people in the world. Android is the oldest and most popular operating system in the world for over a long time, and now its market has 75.44% worldwide, unbelievable stats that is.

So, as we all know, the internet is full of articles/ blogs that provide you information, education and an inspiring environment of how you can start anything or do whatever you want. So, Below you can find five most insightful blogs on Android app development agency.

Android App Development

There’s no surprise that many people put the best blogs or articles related to the android app development on Google. And it is the coolest platform where you get thousands of different articles on the same note and a lot more other as well. You can see the latest news about every industry in the world. You’re always connecting with the updates, trends and various things about the digital world that what’s going on and happening these days. So, the professionals are always up to date with the trends and they posted on google regularly.

Here, you can see some stats below:

  • Readers: Android developers
  • Twitter: 2.01+ million followers
  • Youtube: 800K+ subscribers

The Authority of Android

Now when we talk about the purpose and the authority of Android, it covers everything you can know about the apps, games, phones, laptops, or tablets of your favorite operating system. And the articles or blogs provide you with a detailed review of everything and research papers as well. So, you can see the latest updates about Android, its features, process, issues, and the apps that you install on your phone.

Here, you can see more stats below:

  • Readers: General & Android users
  • Facebook: 2.3+ million followers
  • Twitter: 1.01+ million followers
  • Youtube: 3.33+ million subscribers
  • Instagram: 756K+ followers


There is a large audience of Google and Android contributors, who share their insights, tricks and other important facts on mobile application development. Read and share the blogs of android application to know everything about the creation of a Flutter app in 30 minutes, so you can get the best usage of Kotlin for Android development, and various topics as well that relate to the purpose of guide.

Here, you can see more stats below:

  • Readers: Android developers
  • Twitter: 2K+ followers
  • Facebook: 62K+ followers

The Weekly Android

The weekly update of the android, here it is where all professionals are joined and get updated with the most popular news about android and trends of the market. This operating system has become the largest one in the world these days. You can also read the updates of the android operating system on the internet to get connected on weekly basis updates.

  • Readers: Android developers and designers
  • Twitter:13.6K+ followers
  • Facebook: 4K+ followers

The Usage of Mobile App

According to a report from Google that 75% or above users use mobile phones or their smartphones to get connected to the world, whether they read or write something, watching movies, get entertained everything plays on their phones. Now the average smartphone user spends 2 hours and 15 minutes each day using apps. It is a research that shows between 60 and 90 apps installed on the average smartphone.

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