Top Foreign Countries Where Indians Can Travel Without Visa

Voyaging isn’t just an awesome activity however an astounding encounter too that you go over rarely.Everyone should visit some place in a year that they have never observed before. India is loaded with excellent sights to investigate however it continually energizes to recognize what is there past the outskirt line.To satisfy this interest, you frequently go for an outing to abroad areas by following various customs. To enter lawfully into another nation, voyagers need to follow certain standards. The long procedure of Visas has constantly debilitated explorers from taking a very late excursion abroad with copa airlines reservations. To get a visa from numerous nations, you need to confront numerous issues. In any case, you will be satisfied to realize that there are numerous nations on the planet that Indian residents can visit without a Visa. Investigate the nations that you can visit without Visa.


Bhutan respects its visitors with entire heartedly and satisfies them with rich greenery, amazing perspectives on Himalayas and beautiful religious communities. It is one of the Visa free nations for India, which implies you simply must be an Indian identification holder and no visa is expected to enter this tranquil nation. What a superior spot can be to go for a little break abroad. Bhutan is one among the most tranquil areas on the planet, which makes it an extreme occasion goal for individuals looking for mental harmony. The main air terminal of the nation is at Paro and it tends to be come to by Druk Air from Delhi just as Kolkata. One can likewise pass through on the off chance that he could make tickets accessible finally minute. Spots like Dochu La Pass, Gangtey, Paro, Thimpu, Taktsang and Lakhang can be visited here.


Dominica is a rocky country in Caribbean Islands. It is an ideal goal for sea shore excursion and it sounds even extraordinary when you come to think about the way that it Indian residents needn’t bother with a visa to enter here. Dominica awards Indian residents a stay of 22 months without a visa, which make it one of the visa free nations for India. It is completely implied for the individuals who need to unwind while getting a charge out of the perspectives on the dazzling sea and different ocean side exercises. The island is encompassed with lavish green timberlands and highlights a few mountains. The nation additionally has upwards of 300 waterways and the second biggest natural aquifer of the world – Boiling Lake. No non-stop flights from India to Dominica are accessible yet you can take corresponding flights and visit this staggering goal.


Mauritius has been a favored special night goal for everything except it is just a wedding trip goal. You can there for family trips and holidaying with companions. There are a lot of activities in Mauritius from swimming to scuba plunging, from cruising to angling and from shopping to getting a charge out of the nightlife. The most significant thing is that Indians don’t require a visa to go there.You can appreciate here the most astounding dusks of your life.


While alluding about Jamaica, pictures of lethargic day on sea shores streak obviously in our psyche. Jamaica is the miracle full portrayal of a tropical island, which appreciates rich sloping timberlands, ocean coasts fixed with reefs and incredible nightlife. It appears that Jamaica was made to give the world a perfect spot for a break. In Jamaica, you can appreciate numerous brilliant exercises alongside incredible touring opportunities.The best thing is that Jamaica is one of the nations without Visa. Visitor visa isn’t required here for Indian residents fora keep awake to a half year.


Fiji is home to the beguiling blue tidal ponds, sea shores specked with palm trees and the absolute best beachside activities.There is no necessity of visa for Indian identification holders for a time of 4 months. You can appreciate here eco-exercises from hiking, surfing, and coral jumping and zip-lining.

El Salvador

El Salvador is a little nation in Central America which is commonly not heard by numerous individuals. Be that as it may, this American goal is one of the Visa free nations for India since it doesn’t request Visa from Indian identification holders for an excursion. San Salvador has a flourishing nightlife and a similarly stupendous expressions and culture panorama.One can invest some inert energy at the open air markets of the spot and fill your evenings with numerous fervors. Alegriais a lovely mountain town in El Salvador. It is wealthy in blooming plants. This little nation offers remarkable surfing on separated sea shores, espresso estates close the volcanoes, dynamic Spanish provincial towns and motivating national parks.

Hong Kong

Not many realize that Hong Kong gives a visa free remain of 14 days to Indian identification holders.It implies Hong Kongis one of the Visa free nations for India.You simply need to fly Hong Kong straightforwardly from India. In this way, it gets more straightforward for you to get to the closest Disneyland. Hong Kong is one among the most throbbing nations in Asia, which offers flourishing nightlife and extraordinary choices for shopaholics. Probably the best thing about Hong Kong is that one can investigate it with family as wellas companions. A period of 14 days is adequate to investigate this spot. Every single key air terminal in India have non-stop flights for Hong Kong.


Nepal is the neighboring nation of India, which doesn’t request any kind of visa from Indians. Truth be told, even Indian visa is likewise a bit much for Indians to go into this little and tranquil nation. You just ought to have a legitimate ID-Address verification with photo on it. Nepal is home to the most noteworthy mountain top on the planet that is Mount Everest. It is a paradise for the trekkers and offers incredible trekking openings in its bumpy ranges.Other wonderful parts of Nepal that you can go over on trip are its rich culture, delightful way of life and enchanting quality.

Cook Islands

The dazzling country in the South Pacific, Cook Islands is home to 15 broadly dispersed islands.The place appreciates extraordinary bistro culture, mushrooming imaginatively natural nourishment scene and a scope of bars and clubs. From rough mountains to tremendous tidal ponds and coral reefs, the nation likewise includes a few swimming and scuba plunging goals. A fascinating thing about Cook Islands is that it offers Indian residents a keep awake to 31 days without vacationer visa.


Macao or Macau is an uncommon regulatory locale of the People’s Republic of China that was governed by Portuguese Empire from the mid-sixteenth century to 1999. Regularly called as the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau is probably the most extravagant goal on the planet. A fascinating thing about this spot is that Indians needn’t bother with visitor visa to visit Macao and for a keep awake to 30 days.


Samoa is a nation involving a few islands. It highlights reef-flanked sea shores with rugged and downpour forested insides of chasms and cascades. Upolu is the most populated island of Samoa whilemajor islands of the nation have little towns or vacant. For a keep awake to 60 days in Samoa, you don’t have to take a visitor visa.

A delightful assortment of 60 pristine islands, British Virgin Islands wrap the best of the Caribbean into a lovely goal. Every island of this goal has its own trademark, which give a mysterious vibe to its guests.

In the event that you are happy to travel abroad without getting required into visa process, at that point visit any of these goals. For flight tickets and lodgings, you can book with Frontier airlines booking.

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