5 of My Favorite Hair Products for Straight, But Not Actually Straight, Hair

I have this hair secret.  I have lived my life like I have straight hair, save for a few unfortunate years with a perm in high school, but as I have gotten older, my hair isn’t actually all that straight.  At no time did this seem more apparent to me than when I shared on Instagram what my hair looked like after we got caught in the pouring rain on Halloween and I let it just dry on its own without doing anything to it:

What happened to my once straight hair?  Okay, honestly – it’s been wavy for quite some time, even when I was a little girl.  I think it’s just gotten more pronounced as I’ve gotten older.

This is why, I suspect, that I have to be very intentional to try to make my hair straight.  This is especially the case because, though I own a flat iron, I’ve never used it.

Five of My Favorite Hair Products for Straight, But Not Actually Straight, Hair

A Hair Dryer for Straight Hair

On that Halloween night, the oldest daughter of one of my friends (who had gone out with us) and I noticed that our hair was actually more similar than we might have previously guessed.  When she asked me how I normally get mine straight, I asked the all important question, “Do you blow dry your hair?”

She told me that she did not, and I told her that it was what I have found to be absolutely essential to making my wavy hair straighter.  I think this was not necessarily the answer she wanted, especially since she had a lot of thick hair, just like I do.  Drying my hair takes some time, so I understand wanting to avoid that.

I only brush my hair a few times while I’m drying it, though I suspect that it would be even nicer if I brushed it more frequently during drying.

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Products

Seriously – I love this stuff, particularly the damage-erasing balm.  The damage-erasing balm was all the rage within a Facebook group that I’m in, and I finally caved to peer pressure and dropped by Target to get some.  (You can find all of these cheaper individually at Target, Walmart, etc. than they currently are on Amazon, but I’m linking to it all there, just in case you don’t have any of those other options.)

After I loved the balm so much, I had to pick up the other products in this hair care line.  They definitely made my hair seem softer and shinier, plus a bit less frizzy, a definite problem when you try to make wavy hair to straight hair.

Paul Mitchell Quick Slip Styling Cream

Just four or five pumps of this Paul Mitchell The Cream into my wet hair after a shower helps to cut down the excessive drying time that my hair sometimes needs, as well as taming some of the frizziness later. This hair product isn’t cheap, but it lasts for quite some time.  I use five pumps of it, but that’s just because my hair is long-ish and thick.

Are you sensing a theme?  My hair wants to be a frizzy mess.

L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Reparative Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

Yes, more smoothing and healing.

Before I started using the Total Repair products, I was using the Ever Sleek products.  I still use them every so often, and I love the way they smell.  In fact, when Molly had used them before one family gathering, people kept commenting on how good her hair smelled after they hugged her.  Everyone insisted on knowing what kind of shampoo we had used!

Fabric Headbands

When all else fails or I know that we’re going to have an extremely active day (like hiking while we’re camping or visiting Disney World), I just accept that my hair is going to get a little (or a lot) out of control.  So, I grab a hair band and pull my hair into a ponytail.  I only do this after using many of the above products, so it’s still straight(ish), but this helps control the frizziness.

Because I have that hair that still wants to get crazy if I’m very active or outdoors for a long time, I use a fabric headband from the only place that I have ever been able to get a headband that I actually like – Specifically Random on Etsy.  I have a bunch of different colors, and I just love them.  They come in different sizes, so it’s perfect for me because I do not enjoy (or tolerate) a tight headband.  I have a few of the other varieties, but my favorite go-to headbands are the knit ones that Specifically Random has, so I have about six (or so) in a variety of colors.

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