Formula and Examples to Calculate Interest on Fixed Deposit

sdp calculator

A fixed deposit is an investment where you deposit a fixed amount for a fixed duration. The rate of interest offered on a fixed deposit also remains constant throughout the entire duration. You can easily calculate the amount you will receive on the maturity.. It is quite beneficial to know the exact amount if in … Read more

SEO Marketing – Successful Key To Drive Business

SEO Marketing

Every business is striving to get progress and positive effects. It can be measured through a better return on investment and popularity in a particular field in every necessary aspect. To have a definite success, there are various components that need to be concentrated. The elements are proficient human resources, proper investment, different strategies, long … Read more

Why a Blog Gets You Further Than an MBA

Why a Blog Gets You Further Than an MBA

Why pay hundreds of thousands to earn an MBA when $100 a year will finance your blog? (Reality check: You’ll still need to put in a lot of effort. Is earning an MBA worth it? Each year, thousands of students ask this very question, yet find conflicting advice. Related: Mark Cuban: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know … Read more