NCMC: How One Nation One Card Enables People to Pay for Their Bus Travel?

An initiative by the Government of India in 2019, NCMC is a prominent addition to the digital growth that has been implemented across the nation. Over the last few years, numerous digital implementations have been affected along with the introduction of different types of cards for the citizens of India. NCMC is one such initiative which focuses on streamlining all transport fare payments with a single card.

National Common Mobility Card, the expanded version of NCMC, has been launched by the Ministry of Urban Development. While most commuters have to avail different types of cards or passes for regular commutes, this card looks to simplify this whole process. With the introduction of this card, daily commuters can simply recharge and use it for most types of travel expenses.

Features of NCMC

Distinctly different from other credit cards such as the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, or even debit cards; the features of NCMC are still evolving. The Department of Services provided a guideline in 2018 to implement certain features in these cards.

  • Multiple accesses: To be operable across different operators and devices.
  • Offline use: Must store specific values which can be used by the cardholder offline.
  • Data storage: The cards should store travel-related data like tickets and bookings, while also having a reward system.

DFS had also directed the National Common Mobility Cards to be compliant with ISO 14443 standard regulations.

Benefits offered

While interested applicants should understand the benefits of this card, it is also important to keep in mind that the scope of this initiative is bound to evolve. Another crucial point to note is that these are quite different from the must-know credit card benefits for every traveller. Once introduced and actively used, further benefits can be expected.

  • Cost reduction: One of the major benefits to be expected from these cards is that of cost reduction. Digitization also reduces the cost for operators, both in terms of issuing tickets as well as checking them. Additionally, rewards and other points accumulating on these cards can cut down the expenses even further.
  • Convenience: National Common Mobility Cards can be expected to make travelling much more convenient for their users. These cards can be used for most transports including bus, trains, taxi, toll booths, parking, etc.
  • Efficiency: Just the way every new user should learn how to use a credit card wisely, it is also vital to learn how to use these cards efficiently. Travellers and commuters will not have to wait in queue at different points of their journey, saving valuable time and making the whole process faster and more efficient.
  • Accountability: Both users and operators become more accountable since the digital imprint of their transaction is preserved with the use of NCMC. Consequently, users should keep their card and its CVV number safe to prevent any incident of fraud.

How to apply for NCMC?

Application procedure for these cards is somewhat complicated especially since it has not been launched for use yet. Interestingly, the government has directed it to be issued on platforms like debit or credit cards from different financial institutions. These cards will be serving Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS). Since these National Common Mobility Cards are to be issued on debit or credit cards, it is crucial to understand their application as well.

While debit cards are issued naturally against savings accounts, credit cards are only issued on application. Bajaj Finserv additionally provides pre-approved offers which make availing these cards convenient and time-saving for a prospective user. Such pre-approved offers are available on numerous financial products including credit cards, personal loans, educational loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing name and phone number on the official web page of the financial institution.

Users of credit and debit cards should keep their card details like its number and CVV code safe. These can be used by fraudsters to steal card related information. Additionally, before going on to apply for a specific card; potential users should also learn how to choose the right card for them.

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