How to Optimise WordPress Website for Conversions?


With most businesses taking their products and services online, it really is survival of the fittest when it comes to content marketing websites such as WordPress. WordPress is widely recognised as the world’s most popular content management tool, and is hence a platform that all companies need to figure out if they are to survive in today’s digital world.

Top WordPress development companies in India and around the world know that WordPress is the best place to get new leads from. A good marketing funnel will then be able to channel these newly generated leads into its marketing scheme, helping turn them into potential customers. So, how exactly can you optimise your WordPress website so that it gives you a better conversion rate? Here’s a look at a few tips that will help in boosting your conversion rate, helping you reach out to more customers than ever before!

When to Optimise for Conversion

Top WordPress development companies in India such as Xornor Technologies, believe that knowing when to optimise is as important as knowing how to optimise. For instance, companies must be able to gauge when to begin optimising their website to maximise their conversion rate.

While you might be tempted to start this process as soon as your website goes live, this doesn’t help at all, but rather takes your focus away from more important stuff such as web design and development. However, waiting too late to optimise the design can also harm your visibility as people might already have started associating your brand with less loyalty and value.

Most of the tools you need to optimise your website requires time and effort to master, and hence it is vital that you time the process just right to prevent wastage of resources. To know what’s the optimum time to start the process, have a look at how much visitors you current have, and how many new visitors will be added if you do optimise your WordPress. If the numbers make sense to you, then go for it! If not, wait till you reach grows and expands, before indulging in optimisation.

Tools to Aid Conversion

  1. Embedded CTAs- These help you re-direct traffic and serve as a great tool to help grab your audience’s attention. They are also very easy to create and even easier to maintain, making them a simple too that offers maximum benefits.
  2. Make use of a plugin to manage all your banners and call-to-actions, so that you do not have to optimise them individually. This will also help you have some centralised control, thereby increasing your efficiency and acting as a reporting tool to study data.
  3. Identify all your top landing pages first, and then ensure that the banners re-direct your traffic to this landing page. To understand which pages work best for you, take the help of Google Analytics, the way top WordPress development companies do.
  4. Make sure that every CTA has an individual and personal message that relates to the popular age that it re-directs to. To find the best wording for such banners, utilise A/B testing.
  5. To spice up your website design, top WordPress development companies in India, such as Xornor Technologies, suggest using website popups. These serve as gentle reminders to users and can even act as visible email marketing sign-up boards. However, since they can be annoying if used excessively, make sure you test your design beforehand.
  6. Add popups right before visitors leave your website to lengthen their visit, giving you more opportunities to convert them into potential clients. They can also help you direct traffic into your sign-up pages, which in turn, opens up more people for your email marketing strategies.
  7. Live chats help in keeping your audience engaged with your content, and serve as a great way to open up dialogues. Not only do they lead to significant rise in conversions, but they also help you understand what exactly your customers want, making it easier for you to understand and study the market better.
  8. The best thing about live chats is that they can be used both passively and pro-actively. You can use them as a method of customer support, by employing them only when your customers need help. On the other hand, they can also be used to greet your customers and engage with them actively.
  9. Another important factor that greatly influences how easily you convert is how long it takes for your page to load. Ensure that your page loads quickly to not lose customers because many will just click the back button, if the website takes too long to come up.
  10. Make sure you are using the right hosting plan, and that your present plan executes and processes HTTP and MySQL requests efficiently. Furthermore, make use of a fast WordPress theme to ensure fast page loading. Choose designs that have been optimised for web and mobile device usage to make things easier for your company, as search engines like Google prefer such designs.

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