How to Attach a Hose to a Hose Reel – Easy 5 Simple Steps

There are several reels in the industry, but wouldn’t it be great if you decide to buy from one of the proven hose reel manufacturers?

Of course, that’s the best decision, and Recoila is an excellent hose reels manufacturing company that will meet your requirements. They guarantee you of quality and simple-to-fix hose reels. I’m sure after buying a hose reel, you would want to attach it to your hose.

Attaching a hose to a hose reel can be very arduous, especially if you don’t have a guide. However, this article will guide you on how to attach a hose to a hose reel.

attach a hose to a hose reel

Follow the following steps to Attach a Hose to a Hose Reel…

Step 1

  • Firstly, you should prepare your new hose for easy attachment. 
  • Place it outside for direct sunlight to penetrate it directly so that it can be soft. It will only wind easily on the reel when it is flexible. 
  • Go ahead and unpack the hose. Straighten the hose and make sure there are no bends. 

Step 2

  • Ensure that your washers are intact. Washers are essential items in hose-to-hose connections, as it helps the bonding point to be leak-free.
  • Locate the new hose’s female end and insert the washer into the ending point of the hose coupling. With this, the drum of the hose wheel will be leak-free and watertight. 
  • Now check the hose reel and confirm whether it has a guide opening. In case you find a guide opening, put the female end of the hose inside the guide opening. 

Step 3

  • The water couple is mounted on the internal drum, usually attached to the hose’s female end. 
  • Check the drum inside the hose reel and locate the water coupling. 
  • Now, go ahead and thread the female end of the hose on the water coupling. Use channel-type pliers to tighten the couple. The couple is made of plastic and fragile, so you should pull it gently to avoid breaking the parts or stripping the threads. 

Step 4

  • Try as much as you can to coil the hose because it can only make a firm grip with the hose reel when it curves neatly. Start winding the hose on the reel drum. 
  • Feed the hose by spending ample time to provide even coils to the drum. The reel handle must rotate in a clockwise direction for the process to be successful. 
  • It would be beneficial to grab the hose firmly using one hand. Use the other hand, to turn the reel handle.
  • Meanwhile, this step depends on the type of hose reel. If you are using an electric hose reel, then push the retraction button to cause the hose’s winding on the reel.

Step 5

  • There is a hose that usually connects the faucet fixture to the hose reel. Inspect it well and ensure that there are no anomalies like cracks and kinks. 
  • In a case where your feeder hose uses female couplings, check the washers. It does not matter whether they are vinyl or rubber washers. You must be sure that they are in the right conditions.
  • If a hose clamp was used to attach the feeder hose to the hose reel drum, check it thoroughly and be sure that it is firmly clamped. 

I hope these guidelines were comprehensive enough to guide you on how to attach your new hose to a hose reel. However, you can contact a hose reels manufacturer for assistance.

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