Gallstones Associated With Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Gallstones Associated With Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Gallstones are associated with erectile dysfunction risk in males. It has been proved that a male with gall balder stone is susceptible to erectile dysfunction. A gallstone can cause organic erectile dysfunction. That is erectile dysfunction which is due to physical condition in which blood flow is inadequate towards the sexual organ.

Erectile dysfunction in a male makes it difficult to get an erection. Even if a man is able to get some erection, he cannot sustain it for a penetrative sex. There are various risks associated with erectile dysfunction. Several physical and emotional causes can lead to erectile dysfunction. Gallstone is one of the causes. It needs to mention that before using any medicine like Cialis,the consultations with a medical expert will help you to avoid any medical complications.

Gallstone and their formation in gallbladder  

Gallstone is stones formed in the gall bladder when bile hardens or solidifies. It can be due to excess secretion of bile or too much cholesterol formation inside the body, which solidifies into stones. Sometimes excess production of bile, which is not eliminated, can become solid and get converted into stones.

Gallstones that are big enough get stuck in the duct. The presence causes pain and leads to sudden and intense pain in the upper stomach or upper right part of the stomach. How gallstone because erectile dysfunction, it is not clearly understood, but it is believed that gallstone produce oxidative stress, which affects the blood flow towards the penis. Whenever blood flow is affected, it leads to erection issue. The sufficient amount of blood flow is necessary for the erection which can be achieved with Generic Viagra 100mg.

Gallstone cause erectile dysfunction in males

The risk of erectile dysfunction is higher in males with gall stone. It has been proved by medical studies and observations of males with the issue. Males with gallstone or gallbladder stone always develop organic erectile dysfunction. Whatever may be the reasons behind the gallstone, the risk to erection process of a man always remains. Generally obesity, drinking, diabetes, etc cause gallstone formation in the bladder. Medication or lack of sufficient water intake any lead to formation of gallstones.

Gallstone formation increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, whether a male is having other medical or physical conditions or not. The males with co morbidities increase their risk of erectile dysfunction. The problem can occur in any age group.

Organic erectile dysfunction happens when there is a physical problem in the sufficient blood flow towards the sexual organ. The blood flow is not reaching the sexual organ in the sufficient quantity that is necessary for a hard erection. Or the blood is trapped in the spongy tissue of the penis for a longer period of time when needed. This makes an erection impossible. It is also seen that gallstones have no role in developing mental or psychological causes behind the erection issue.

Before using any erectile dysfunction medicine, the patient should contact the medical experts, as the pain in the bladder may not allow the patient to have a normal sex.

Gallstone formation should not be taken lightly, as it is associated with cardiovascular disease as well. The formation of plaque in blood vessels, and blockage of blood vessels are found in both the cases.

Treatment option of gallstone

The best treatment option is treatment of underlying cause, which is the gallstone. Gallstones are formed in majority of cases due to obesity. So weight check and a healthy diet should be the priority for a male. But care should be taken that weight loss is natural not dramatic. The sudden weight loss can also create conditions for formation of gallstone. Fasting, skipping diet or alcohol consumption also raises the risk of gallstone formation.

A successful treatment of the gallstone through surgery or use of medicines reserve erectile dysfunction.  How fast a male comes back in sexual life after successful treatment of the gallstone also depends on other medical or physical conditions. After recovery, it is safe to use a medicine for erection like Sildenafil 200. However, the recovery will itself make it easy for an erection process to take place.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction should precede any medicine

Most of the erectile dysfunction medicines are over the counter medicines. But it always helps to get the underlying cause of the erection difficulty. Gallstone in the bladder will never allow a man to have satisfying sex even after the use of a higher dose like Levitra 60mg. Sometimes; the high blood flow caused by erectile dysfunction can cause pain with the penis erection.

After treatment of gallstone issues, you can use medicines, 40mg Cialisto gets an erection. However, the chances of reversing the erection issue will always be high. Again, the importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized here. A healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, will ensure that you are never facing any physical or medical condition early in life that contributes to erectile dysfunction.

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