Fix Arlo Base Station Offline with this Easy Guide


Are you using Arlo security camera? Is it continuously going offline? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. We bring you a article, covering the troubleshooting steps to fix Arlo base station offline issue. A base station is an important part in whole Arlo system setup. It not only connects your cameras with your home router but also enhance its battery life. Hence, it becomes important for it to function properly. 

Understanding the importance of base station, we have presented this guide where we have briefly explained the steps to fix this issue.

More about Arlo Base Station Offline Issues

Due to some technical glitches, your base station may malfunction. It occurs when you try configuring it or while syncing it. It renders you access live footages captured by your camera. 

What are the possible reasons behind Arlo device offline issue?

Arlo device offline issue can occur due to multiple reasons. Know these possible causes and fix it for permanent. 

  • Due to sluggish internet connection:- A slow internet connection can cause this issue. So check if you have a fast internet connection or not. If it is not, then connect with your internet service provider.
  • Improper configuration of Base station:- Check everything, right from the Ethernet cable to power station, make sure you have not made any mistake. 
  • Router Firmware Issue:- Your base station will not work if your router has old firmware. Make sure if there is update available or not. 

If you need experts help  to fix this issue, then immediately connect with them and resolve Arlo camera offline issue within a short span of time. 

Apply following steps to fix it 

Follow these steps and apply them.

Note:-  Make sure your Arlo base station is properly connected.  

  • Check the end of the Ethernet cable and make sure it is properly connected at both sides. 
  • Next, turn your power adapter ON.
  • Use other devices and connect it. 

#Reboot your base station

If this method didn’t work, then you must reboot the base station. To do this, plug out the power cable and plug in back. Now, wait a while and check if the power LED glows or not. 

#Reset Arlo base station:– This is the last method you should put into practice. Reset Arlo base station and put it on its default value. After this, re-configure it. 

#Update your router firmware:- Your router will not work if its firmware is not updated. To update it, open router’s dashboard and login to your account. Locate to firmware and check if any new version is there or not. If it is there, then update it. 

Perform all these steps and check if it has turned On or not. If  this issue still persists then connect with the service team and get a hassle-free customer service. For further information regarding Arlo Device is Offline, connect with the executives and seek for an instant assistance. 

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  • Fix zooming issues
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  • Arlo security light and Arlo pro
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