Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020

Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020

An E-log device has become almost essential for every vehicle in today’s day and age. However, these vehicle driving hour measuring devices are comprised of at least a thousand different models in the automobile spares market, and it becomes almost impossible to differentiate one from another.

Well, you don’t have to look any further. In this article, we’re going to talk about the five best E-log devices for owner-operators and business owners to meet the requirements of their businesses in 2020. You can find further detailed guides on the GEOTED site so be sure to head over there and make a detailed comparison before you plan to buy anything from the physical market.

1. Rand McNally ELD 50

Being the owner-operator, it becomes mandatory for you to choose the perfect ELD for your business. The ELD that you choose will help by contributing to a better business and bring efficiency at the same time. The rand McNally ELD 50 is one of the best ELD for owner-operators that you could get in 2020. Rand McNally has been in this particular industry for more than 100 years and that is why we could say that the devices that they produce are the best in the market.

Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020 1

The brand utilizes the long history that it has and makes sure that you get the best ELD for a reasonable amount. It comes with a lot of features that make it unique from all the other devices which on the other hand makes it sophisticated too. It includes a personalized app of its own, a web portal of its own. It also can to record in hos mode which helps in reducing the shortage of truck drivers as they will get paid for all the work that they have done or will do. It is quick, compliant, and compact. It is easy to install and also has a customizable gauge.

2. Konexial My20

It is another marvelous ELD that will help you access a lot of functions that come with it like asset tracking, dispatching, IFTA data collection, automatic mileage tracking, etc. if you decide to chose a solution that is 100% FMCSA approved and relevant at the same time, then you have found the right device.

Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020 2

The device has a very durable less weight and is very simple to use which is the reason that makes it so popular. It may not have been the industry for that long period but it has a strong experience that allows them to build an ELD device that has a build-up quality and also up to date functions to provide the best data collection. It is a brilliant device for those drivers who might be feeling a little dizzy after many hours of consistent driving. The device also provides you with the ability to track the number of hours that the driver had ridden. Thus making it a fantastic electronic logbook for an owner operator that you could get in 2020.it is packed with plenty of features, a user-friendly app, works seamlessly well, outstanding customer service, inexpensive for large feet.

3. Garmin ELD

If you are looking for the biggest brand that supplies an ELD then this is the device that will fit you perfectly. It consists of some of the top features that you will help you in keeping track of the trucks that are under your supervision. It might be the best deal that you are currently in need of. The FMSCA enrolled electronic logging gadget comes with a fantastic free membership that is compatible with the Garmin e-log ELD.

Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020 3

This product only needs a one-time payment which must be done by you and this is accompanied by a free app. It is one of the biggest selling points for the device, as there is no need for you to pay monthly after the one-time payment for you to use the app. You can download the app from the official website. It can be easily named the best surveillance ELD that can be used on your trucks. It eliminates the need for monthly fees required for operation. The device is easily compatible with ELDs and there is no need for manual hos recording. It is compatible with most smartphones that can install the app. It also works well with many Garmin ELD GPS truck navigators.

4. KeepTruckin ELD

The KeepTruckin ELD is a few of the devices that can be afforded by anyone who requires them and it is also efficient when it comes to managing a large fleet without a problem. This is preferred by a lot of people not only for the price tag that has been put on it but also due to so many exciting features that come with it like messaging, IFTA fuel tax reporting, customizable vehicle inspections, log auditing, vehicle diagnostics, geofencing, driver scorecards, driver coaching workflow, GPS tracking, asset tracking and idle time tracking.

Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020 4

Would you not be mesmerized that this lot of features come along with a formidable price that anyone can afford? Apart from all this, it is also considered as one of the top 3 ELD devices because of its technical support and cost-effective compliance. It easily complies with ELD mandate, fantastic customer support service which is available 24/7, it also allows s to dispatch view logs and make necessary edits. The device and the app are both straightforward and simple to use. Drivers can easily log their hos automatically into the app.

5. Stoneridge EZ-ELD

It is one of the top digital tachographs in the industry with more than 60 years of experience. It is very much reliable and can be used to manage a fleet of trucks that are more than 50 in number. It efficiently helps the drivers to track manage and share RODS data from their trucks. Due to the integration of a lot of adapters, the device can be used with ease that has OBDIIOBD, 6-pin or 9-pin port. Some of the ups of this device include the presence of an unlimited number of drivers per device Uvia mobile app, compatible with both android and apple is devices.

Five Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020 5

The Stoneridge electronic logbook for an owner operator is surely one of the most trusted ELD’s available in the market. On top of that, it is secure and stress-free. It has 3-on board interchangeable diagnostics connectors, 6 months of data storage on the device which has a quick and simple plug and plays installation and an intuitive user interface

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