Things to Consider Before Buying A Power Generator

The discovery of the power generator today has proved to be very useful. The power generator has become one of the most important devices because without electricity has become difficult for everyone. People need to do their daily work continuously without being concerned and want to get their daily lives easy and comfortable.

A power generator producing electric energy when there is a power blackout issue. Those are the most well-known machine for everyone. Most maximum time people get confused about choosing the right generator.

Picking an improper generator for your needs is a misuse of your money. Those generator divided into 3 types according to needs-

  • Power Output
  • Size and Weight
  • A Cooling System

Power Generators Output:

Many generators dealers provide a wide variety of this with large electricity output production. The variable speed of engines makes them more fuel-efficient and fully able to perform greater electricity with lower gasoline consumption.

You can locate with various power outputs range from three kV to 2500 kV. Where a 3 kVA or portable range is used to operate small house home equipment or small commercial appliances purposes. And 2500 KVA or higher power output is accepted to meet the power request for large industries.

Power Generators Size And Weight

If your backup power requirement is low or for household purposes, then a portable power generator is the best option for you. A portable generator is rated ideal for home, shop and small business purposes. The portable generator is reliable and easy to use. In the market, you will easily find a portable generator set within the range of 3 kV to 35 kV.

The Cooling Type System

According to the cooling system, the power generator classifies into two types.

Air Cooled Set – Air cooling method of generators has an air intake system, which is used to provide the cooling function to the generator. Such a generator mainly relies on air, as there are no additional components or parts for the generator to cool.

Water Cooled Set –  Water cooling generator has a separate system for cooling purposes. They mainly rely on water.

However, compared to air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators require more maintenance. But both generators have unique characteristics.

Before Taking a Power Generator, Be Sure to Note the Following:

Before buying a generator, you have many things to need attention. Here we are sharing some main points with you-

  • Noise Level 

The high noise of DG sets is usually a major difficulty. So you need to choose a power generator that has low noise levels. In addition, you can choose a generator with a generator canopy, this canopy can decrease noise levels from -35 DB to -45 DB.

  • Handling and Power Management

The handling of any generator is one of the most important things. A generator that can transfer power when grid power fails and turn off the Genset while the grid supply is on is best in operation. In addition, you need to check some other information such as whether a low fuel performance warning and other performance issues exist.

In addition, you need to optimize the fuel consumption and performance at times of different load demands.

  • Power Producing Capacity

Before buying a generator, you will want to calculate the total electricity need by your home or business. Depending on your power requirement, you will choose the best generator.

  • Fuel Consumption Level

Generator engine efficiency is one of the most important things before purchasing a power generator. You have to find the total fuel consumption of the generator per hour or per kV.

  • Genset Portability

Always choose a power generator that is easy to lift and reduce transportation hassles. Also, according to the space you have, you have to check the size of the generator.

  • Phase

The power generator produces two types of single-phase generators and three-phase generators connections. You need to choose the simplest according to your home or business connection.


These all are the few important factors of power generator, you need to consider before buying a power generator. If you want to help, EO Energy will assist you to find out the best power generator for your home or business needs. Our highly qualified team will assist you 24*7.

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