Best WordPress Hosting Provider in 2020

When you are about to design a website what are the primary things will you consider? Obviously, the outlook of the website! Right? What do you think a website designing is as easy as it sounds? It is partially true! The fact is a number of things you have to take into your consideration.

It includes web designing layout, the themes and web hosting server. Don’t neglect the last one as it has a biggest role to play in the succession of the website after it becomes live in the online platform. Read this blog to know about WordPress hosting in much detail.

What is wordpress hosting?

Basically, WordPress hosting is referred to the hosting form which is optimized for the seamless operation of WordPress. Despite of having a number of forms the most regular WordPress hosting forms are shared and managed web hosting. Depending on your requirement and the extra features offered by WordPress, you can make up your mind regarding its hosting selection. It offers better support staff for the technical issues in contrary to the standard hosting staffs. Hosting isn’t necessary for the function of WordPress. As its requirements are quite minimal it can be operated with any hosting style.

Difference between normal web hosting and wordpress hosting

General web hosting

It is a type of shared hosting services that allows several sites to share the room on a physical server. There is a number of varied potential websites can be found on this platform which are running on various platforms as well.

Even it assists the WordPress applications and site-builders along with other site builders for solving the respective related issues. However, designed support and services of the general Web hosting is not for accommodating WordPress-centric issues.

WordPress hosting

Alike general Web hosting services, a shared server environment is also used by WordPress hosting. However, with this type of hosting certain plans are there to choose from at a wide range of prices and levels. Interestingly, the website will only share the server with other installs of WordPress.

Both support and services are meticulously crafted for meeting the particular WordPress features. Its solutions are reliable for boosting up the performance level of WordPress.

The different types of WordPress hosting available

Shared WordPress Hosting

This web hosting service denotes the sharing of the resources from a single server of web only across multiple websites. The key benefit of this web hosting service is it comes at much affordable rates of price.

In case you have a plan to start or live your website soon then this hosting service is highly recommended to you over others. It is primarily preferred by small businesses, bloggers, personal sites and low traffic websites!

Managed WordPress Hosting

This hosting service offers the powerful technologies for the WordPress site and ensures that it is fast and secured well. It also takes care of the hosting-oriented problems such as update of WordPress, security checks, backups and so on.

By delivering premium customer service the troubleshoot problems will be solved as early as possible. Its prime motto is to allow you to concentrate on the businesses fully while the technical aspects will be handled by them.

The biggest benefits of managed wordpress hosting

Best WordPress Hosting Provider in 2020

Choosing best wordpress hosting provider in 2020


Whilst it is about selecting web hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting, Bluehost is the first name that strikes the mind of everyone. Although cheap yet it serves the highest quality plans for WordPress hosting to owners of small business, bloggers and individuals all over the world.

All of its plans are of 12-36 months clearly indicating towards long-term commitment. But when paid in altogether definitely you will get some discounts





HostGator is a reliable option for the novice service providers. Also, stellar WordPress Cloud Hosting Packages are equipped with 99% guaranteed uptime. 3 varied specific packages of WordPress can be found to serve the users of a single site so that they can run multiple sites seamlessly.





This is the most typical one used as the shared hosts of WordPress. In terms of money it is really worthy with the teaming of certain features like high security level, rapid speed and excellent customer support. It is also among the most recommended ones.




A2 Hosting

It is an independent hosting service provider with some leading names under this parent company. Being independent and shot, it has some unique features to offer. Even it categorizes its service into two segments- shared WordPress hosting plans and managed WordPress hosting plans.

The former one comes with unlimited email accounts, sites and data transfer and disk space. The latter one depends on Turvo Servers in which the speed gets accelerated by 20 times. Even other features such as automated backups, Plesk control panel and single click staging are also included in it.



Greengeeks is more about reliable service and a well-known web hosting provider. Probably, its biggest advantage is the reliability on the green energy. It makes use of renewable energy for offering 3x back to the grid. Now, it starts providing 3 managed plans for WordPress too! While most providers lack from delivering the improved performance, it has utilized the certain pivotal features to attain the highest tier of service.




InMotion Hosting

It is incredible in offering features-laden hosting environment for the WordPress. Apart from that, you will get an expert team for dedicated support. A number of WordPress-oriented features are thrown at you to choose from them as per your requirement.



It can be the real substitute or switch to a simple and easy hosting plan instead of the most complex one available there. Being most user-friendly in nature it can get up to the site within a couple of minutes. It is paired with multiple performance-centric plugins.

Due to the customization of the inbuilt caching plugin it performs perfectly. Optimizations features are offered by it to enhance the performing ability of the site up to 4x of the last speed. Three WordPress hosting plans are available in which the cheapest one is for small blogs only.

The medium one can be your companion for the succession of your business. The last one with high spectrum is meant for serving corporate and Ecommerce sites only. Storage and bandwidth will undergo changes as per the chosen plan.


Liquid Web (Nexcess)

An array of WordPress hosting packages are offered by it such as managed, cloud, dedicated and VPS WordPress hosting. High levels of the WordPress hosts are also available with it. It delivers rock-solid security, easy-to-use site managing tools and stellar performance of the site.


Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

Dreamhost considers the financial conditions seriously and offer cost-efficacious and unmanageable packages of WordPress hosting. The basic one (Save Money Shared WordPress Package) is the most affordable and good for startups to run or go at good pace.

In case you are looking for a reliable solution then a slight higher level package (DreamPress) is what you need the most for both traffic and content. It assists in the expansion of business in a relevant and right way. Its package ranges from basic to highest tier and so suitable for newbies and experts as well to get good traffic.



InterServer greatly contributes in the WordPress website hosting with the introduction of Nginx. It is widely accepted as the fastest browser for website content management system and blogging. By running on the VPS, the latest WordPress is pre-installed for the configuration of other caching software at earliest. You have the facility of endless email account and domains at the same time.



Does hosting and domain need from similar provider?

No, this is not the case! Separate providers can be chosen for domain and hosting respectively. However, if you don’t have any then you are suggested to choose such WordPress hosting service provider that allows free signup for domain.

How the security of a WordPress site can be improved?

In fact it is the job of the hosting service provider to take the security into account! Additional plugins can be utilized for improving the security of the WordPress site. CDN or similar elements can help in creating strongest passwords ensuring its highest level of security.

Is the migration of WordPress host possible in the middle of the plan?

Yes, why not! In case you are not satisfied with the provider then switch to a new one. It is obviously intense for the startups otherwise; there is no hassle to switch to a new host. Certain companies offer free migration services as well. It is better to take advantage of that.

Which payment option is considered as appropriate for the hosting plan?

Generally, the answer to this question entirely depends on you! If you are at fence, it is better to go with the monthly plan. Otherwise, as per estimation monthly payment incurs more in contrary to annual payment. Annual payment option will always come with discounts.

Which are best WordPress web hosting companies?

The leading WirdPress web hosting companies are only two. They are;

  • Bluehost: It is fantastic for the bloggers who are on tight budgets.
  • Siteground: It is excellent for business despite of type, industry and size.

These are all what you should know about WordPress web hosting services. With an array of options available for hosting provider these are the leading ones. Now, you have to take the decisions which one is most suitable for you as per your business type and preferences.

Accordingly you have to make a domain name and select the plan for achieving success within a specific time period. During choosing consider support team as an integral one as to seek help immediately whenever there is any problem.

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