7 Ways AI Can Help Your Startup Flourish and Grow


What comes to your mind when you think of AI? A bunch of robots and machines performing tasks reducing human effort? Self-driving vehicles, chatbots, and voice-controlled gadgets? You are right! But there’s more to AI than these prevalent things. AI has the potential to revolutionize the entire business landscape!

For a startup, the benefits of AI are more rewarding than you may guess. Since startups have limited resources, lucrative opportunities to be able to improve, automate, simplify, and ease the entire work process will be more of a breath of fresh air. I have recently started my skincare line and the only resource is social media (free platforms) and my internet. To be able to introduce a chatbot to automate and address incoming messages is highly facilitating. All hail to my WOW speed for supporting such basic AI operations!

There is a lot more that AI can do for your new-born business.

Make Use of Your Voice Assistant

First things first. Start taking advantage of what you already have. Your smartphone, that is inseparable from you!

A digital voice assistant is already on your phone whether it is an iPhone or an Android-based phone. Cortana, Siri, and Alexa can do a lot more than giving you weather forecasts. Integrate your voice assistant to get an overview of your monthly calendar, reminders of your scheduled appointments, and to even answer your text messages.

Use the AI System of Facebook Strategically

When it comes to branding and marketing your business, social media forums are a great help. Especially Facebook that has integrated some great features to help businesses. The algorithm of Facebook is ever-evolving. If you stay updated with the algorithm changes, and how some content ranks better in their news feed, you have better chances to market your business startup.

You need to enlighten yourself with all the hacks and tricks, which can help you reap great benefits in promoting your business. For instance, if you are directly asking for likes and comments on a post, it will have a negative impact on the ranking of your post on Facebook.

Improve Your Hiring

It can help you improve the hiring process incredibly. You can make the process more efficient, faster, and fairer, leading to hiring better candidates. Take advantage of various tracking systems for applicants to handle recruitment needs. They can help you screen the skills of candidates and help you pick the best. It simplifies the entire screening process without any human help and then you can easily finalize the candidate.

You can let AI take care if the dull and boring part of having to read the resumes, taking various tests, and evaluating their scores.

Incorporate AI for Your Meeting Scheduling

Have you used AI-powered meeting scheduling assistants? They are already around. Save yourself time and hassle and take advantage of one of the AI scheduling assistants to schedule all your meetings.

Planning and Tracking Work with AI

Since we are talking about start-ups, it is understandable that they have an unlimited number of to-dos on their lists. They have a huge pile of small projects and tasks in the backlog to be taken care of while having great ideas.

While you are struggling with organizing and managing all those tasks, you can take advantage of AI to allocate your time to address various unfinished tasks. AI apps can help you fix the time for all your projects and plans intelligently. It assists you to have a detailed timesheet. You can optimize your time better and be more efficient at time management. You can also take benefit of the financial planning apps to manage your marketing and business budget.

AI can Handle Meeting Minutes

This can help both startups and established setups. Time management is incredibly important when it comes to business. Meetings take most of our time and they are supposed to improve things for businesses. With the help of AI and speech recognition, the AI assistant helps by creating an overview of the important keywords of the meeting. It will allow you to listen to the important parts and points of the meeting again by searching for some particular keywords.

For Analytics and Insights

Last but not least, AI can help you track analytics and insights into your business. This can help you understand your customers better. With the various aforementioned AI systems, machines can collect and analyze a tremendous amount of data. This can help in having useful insights and improving your business. You can also explore the ongoing trends in the market with analytics and insights.

Before I even laid the foundation of my small business setup, I conducted extensive research on incorporating AI to my business operations. My WOW Internet plans enabled me to have all the essential info. Today, I’m taking advantage of all these features, which AI has to offer for my business. And they are quite useful.

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