5 ways to fight the early signs of wrinkles

Expressions are constant, we frown, we laugh, we get surprised and all these take place in our face. Our facial skin is soft, supple and as you age the expression lines become more prominent. From crow feet, fine lines, slowly it turns into wrinkles. 

Though there is a saying when you love yourself you must love everything about yourself. Fall in love with your wrinkles, creases, and fine lines only then you can be confident. But we must take care of skin also try to reduce the appearance of wrinkles Starting from the late twenties, 30s and after fluctuations of the hormone, a decrease in skin elasticity, slow cell generation leads to the development of wrinkles. Not only that external factors like UV rays, environmental pollution, unbalanced diet, irregular sleeping, and smoking can also boost the appearance of wrinkles. 

In this post let us discuss 5 ways to fight the early signs of wrinkles: 

Hydration is a must: Wrinkles start appearing due to a lack of hydration to the skin. It is a must is drinking enough water, and keeping our skin hydrated. Hydration does not only mean drinking enough water, you must also ensure that your skin cells are receiving proper nutrients and maintaining elasticity. 

Using the correct skincare products: We all use beauty and skincare products. We cannot ignore the fact that there are thousands of beauty products available in the market all claiming to provide the best results. But before selecting a skincare product know your skin type and then purchase. Also do not forget to use it on time. 

Wrinkles are a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle: You are young you could have easily gone for a  diet of fast foods and soft drinks but with aging, you must embrace a balanced diet to maintain healthy skin. Some foods have anti-aging properties and comprise of essential nutrients for glowing skin. To reduce the first signs of aging include fatty fishes, chia seeds, walnuts, oranges, broccoli, nuts, whole grains almonds, and more. 

Get enough sleep: Make a routine that allows taking 7-8 hours of complete rest. To slow down wrinkles around your eyes you must sleep early and remain tension free. Moreover, use eye-soothing cream when you are spending hours in front of computer screens. Avoid staying awake late nights as sleep can rejuvenate cells and skin tissues. 

Use creams and skincare products with hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-like substance that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. It has anti-wrinkle properties and can retain amounts of water. It keeps the skin moisturized and helps in preventing wrinkles and if it is already present it reduces its appearance. Not only that if Hyaluronic Acid is applied to wounds it can help in reducing the size of surface wounds on the skin.

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