What are social media walls and 5 Reasons Your Event Needs It!

The event marketing and planning landscape have evolved a lot in the past few years wherewith the influx of technology, events have become more pivotal as they are the best way to connect with the audience. 

As events enable the brands and planners to connect & communicate directly with the brand, engage the audience, deliver experiences, and promote their event effectively. 

One such technology that is trending among the event planners and marketers is the use of Social media walls. 

If you are new to the concept then let’s start with what it is and why you need it in your events.

What Are Social Media Walls?

social media display walls

A Social media wall is a feed of user-generated content that has been collected and curated from different social media platforms using hashtags, handles, channels, mentions, pages, etc. into a single feed. This feed is then displayed on digital screens in live events called a social media wall. 

The social media wall is also popularly known as the social wall, social UGC wall, UGC Wall, etc. 

Simply, the social media wall for event industry is a new-age technology that presents great opportunities. We have explained some of the best reasons as to why you need social media walls for your events. 

5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs Social Media Walls

  1. Showcase User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the future of marketing as it is the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content that helps you build trust, increase audience engagement, and drive conversions. 

So, social media walls can help you gather users’ content from different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. be it images, videos, or plain text posts. 

Displaying these posts in your event through social media wall that will help you build brand trust, showcase customer loyalty, highlight the brand image, etc. that can bring positive outcomes for your corporate events and the brand.

You can even show real-time user-generated content that is being created and shared by your live event audience to create a buzz about your event. It is an excellent solution for entertainment events like concerts, parties, weddings, etc. 

  1. Live Audience Interactions & Discussions

Panel discussions, Q&A sessions, audience interactions with speakers, etc. are key elements of many corporate events globally and to have an effective interaction with the audience, social media wall becomes the perfect solution. 

You can encourage your event audience to share their questions, feedback, queries, opinions, ideas, etc. using your event hashtag or handle and share them on social media.

Social media wall can help you curate and display all this audience content in real-time where the panel and speakers can answer or interact with the audience. 

This will help in increasing the audience interaction and involvement in the event along with enhancing the quality of these discussions leading to fruitful results. 

  1. Make Your Event Experience Memorable

Audience nowadays looks for opportunities to engage themselves and get an experience that adds value to them. Social media wall can help you create memorable event experiences for your audience. 

You can integrate social media wall with gamified experiences like hashtag campaigns, in-event contests, leaderboards, most active users, polls, competitions, etc. can grab the audience’s attention and attract them to immerse themselves in the event. 

You can event add rewards, offers, and recognitions opportunities to further amplify the event engagement & experience. Experiential marketing is a huge concept nowadays especially for the event industry as it brings greater audience engagement. 

Also, these experience with the help of social media wall will lead to increased reach and audience for your next event along with buzz creation and awareness building through positive word of mouth marketing by the audience.

  1. Generate Sponsorship Revenue

Events are one of the major industries where sponsorship revenue is an excellent opportunity. But the challenges that many event marketers and planners face is giving sponsors a value proposition for their investment. 

Social media walls can help you with encountering these challenges where you can creatively and attractively display sponsored posts and sponsored content through the banner, ticker, announcement, posts, etc. along with your social media content.  

This will increase the visibility of sponsored content leading to better results for sponsors & the event itself. Also, as the social media wall will attract a huge audience, this will also attract sponsors for your events and increasing sponsors meaning increasing sponsorship revenue. 

  1. Create Online Buzz & Engagement

Mostly the events are restricted to an offline event only with an audience reach limited to those who are attending it but social media wall magnifies your event reach to digital platforms as well without any extra effort or investment. 

The social media wall helps you integrate offline event marketing with online social media promotion. When users share their posts from event, they share it on social media so it helps in creating a buzz about the event through the voice of the audience. 

Also, the social media audience can also take part in the event without actually being present in the event by posting about the event and featuring on the social media wall. This will magnify the audience reach of an event along with extended audience engagement for your event.

Best Social Media Wall For Events

Although there are many options you can choose a UGC platform to create a social wall for your events. The UGC platform will help you in curation, customization, moderation, and display of social media content especially UGC in your event.

There are many features and functionalities like real-time updates, customer support, screen compatibility, easy & quick setup, etc. that also come in the package with UGC platforms like Taggbox. 


The social media walls are an excellent technology solution to increase your event engagement and make it successful along with superior audience experiences.

There are many benefits of using social media walls in your events that will highly improve your returns on investments. So, get started now by choosing the best social media wall for your events and make them more exciting, entertaining, and engaging. 

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