How Good is A 30-day Diet Plan for Improving Health?

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The whole 30 diet plan is a health movement that became popular ever since it went viral.

It encourages its followers in abstaining from alcohol, sugar, additives, legumes, grains, and some dairy products from their diet for almost a month.

This was advertised as a complete change in lifestyle and this is the 30-days diet plan a lot of people have been looking for.

All the followers of this diet plan simply have to do is just follow it and see the results for themselves.

They surely love the benefits it offers to them. However, critics are skeptic as they believe it to be another unsustainable dieting fad.

Let’s see what this dieting plan is all about.

What is the 30-day diet plan all about?

The whole 30-day plan is a month-long program involving and clean eating. It promises a variety of benefits in health and emotions.

It was made in 2009 by two certified sports nutritionists who promoted it as a way of jump-starting metabolism and helped people formulate diet plans in ways that helped them overcome obesity.

Its focus is on removing certain food groups negatively affecting a person’s fitness and health regimen.

How Good is A 30-day Diet Plan for Improving Health?

Apart from that, eliminating these foods from the diet will help people recover from obesity and other associated health issues. This diet plan has seen a lot of followers.

Some people have however been using this program in identifying food items their body cannot tolerate or achieve some of the proposed health benefits most diet plans have.

The whole concept behind this plan is simple – it completely cuts out the foods that are bad for the body and that too in a period of just 30 days.

After this, users can slowly re-introduce the foods they missed while they are monitoring the negative effects of such.

This diet has a strict set of rules. It also provides users with a list of foods which they can assume and a list of those that are not allowed.

During this period, it is advised that users restrain from compromising it as they will be compromising their dieting efforts.

In this diet plan there is no need to check the number of portions made or the number of calories consumed.

Weight to be checked only in the beginning and ending of the program.

The benefits of the whole 30 diet plan

Following this diet plan impeccably for 30 days is said to bring numerous health benefits. Among those benefits are

  • fat loss.
  • higher energy levels.
  • improved sleep.
  • reduced food cravings.
  • improved athletic performance.

The founders of this diet plan promise to help users change the way they think about food and their perception of how it tastes.

Proponents of it further claim that it can help change people’s emotional perceptions about food and their own bodies.

Though such benefits do appear to be very attractive, yet they are bold claims which need to be scientifically verified.

Which food items should be eaten?

food items should be eaten for diet plan

Whole 30 diet plans allow the following foods to be eaten and they are minimally processed foods, such as:

  • A small amount of fats: Healthy plant oils, coconut oil, duck fat, clarified butter and ghee.
  • Fish and seafood: Anchovies, calamari, crab, fish, lobster, scallops, shrimp and the like.
  • Eggs: All kinds of them as well as food items made from them (homemade mayo included).
  • Meat and poultry: Beef, Chicken, Duck, horse, lamb, pork, turkey, and veal.
  • Fruits: Both fresh and dry fruits.
  • Vegetables: All kinds of fresh vegetables.
  • Nuts and seeds: All kinds of nuts and seeds (peanuts can be only consumed moderately). Milk, flour and butter made from nuts are allowed to be consumed.

Which food items are not allowed?

food items are not allowed for diet plan

The following are not allowed in this diet plan:

  • Alcohol.
  • Dairy.
  • Processed Grains.
  • Processed additives.
  • Pulses and legumes.
  • Soy.
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Why does it need scientific backing?

The problem with this diet plan is that it is like another dieting fad, as per the observations of most dietitians. It is unsustainable due to the absence of dairy products, pulses, and legumes.

Pulses and legumes are good sources of protein whereas dairy products have calcium and good fats which help maintain the needed fat levels.

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