10 Reasons why You Should Choose a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

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Yes you are right; you must choose fiberglass swimming pool over concrete or vinyl swimming pool. But no doubt fiberglass swimming pool is not for everyone as it has a limited size and shape; still they are exploding in popularity all over the world, especially in US and Canada.

There are usually three type of pool construction for in-ground swimming pools. They are – Fiberglass, Concrete and Vinyl Swimming pools. Each type of pools has pros and cons while constructing, installation, structural durability and maintenance charge.

Choose Fiberglass Swimming Pool

If you choose to construct an in-ground swimming pool in your backward, you must know ten important criteria before installing one.

The 10 reasons why one should choose a fiberglass swimming pool are as follows:-

1. Less Maintenance Charge:

This is an accepted fact that after installing a fiberglass swimming pool there is very less or no need of maintenance up to ten years or more. If a fiberglass swimming pool contractor in Toronto had constructed the pool with best quality material then the pool is expected to have no cost maintenance till many years ahead.

2. Works Best with Chlorinated Salt Water:

Usually to maintain hygiene, pool water must be changed on a regular basis to avoid formation of algae. So chlorinated salt water is best for in-ground swimming pools. As the water content has salt in it so there is a possibility of corrosion in usual vinyl pools. But as the interior surface of the pool is gel-coated, so there is no risk of corrosion of metal used in the pool.

10 Reasons why You Should Choose a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

3. Cost Less:

A fiberglass and a concrete pool may cost more or less same in a long term basis. As installing and maintaining or resurfacing cost for concrete pools in a long term is more as compared to fiberglass pools, because once it is installed it does not need maintenance for a long period of time.

4. Quicker Installation:

The usual time taken to install a fiberglass swimming pool takes around 2-3 weeks’ time. This means less trouble for house-owner, neighbors, pets, etc.

5. More Difficult for Algae to Grow:

It’s a bade for a pool-owner to have algae in their pool. A fiberglass swimming pool has become a well-known to fight with “the green monster” as its surface is non-porous. This is one of the major differences between fiberglass swimming pool and vinyl swimming pool.

6. Smooth Surface Texture:

As the interior surface of the pool is gel-coated so the surface is smooth in texture. Kids can play in the pool for a longer time without their feet getting torn apart due to rough surface. There are many customers who owned a concrete pools earlier have bought fiberglass swimming pool for this specific reason.

7. Seating Facility is Included:

Nowadays every fiberglass swimming pools has built-in steps and benches. This is a popular and innovative feature available only in fiberglass swimming pools as it costs more as compared to other type of pools.

8. More Attractive to Potential Home-Buyers:

As people understands the low or no maintenance cost and longevity of a fiberglass swimming pool, people are more attracted to these type of pools to avoid future maintenance which can lead to a burden for them later.

9. Environment Friendly:

Today we all talk about environment; we try use things which consume fewer chemicals. And when it comes to concrete pools, people tend to avoid installing it as more chemicals are required to maintain the water in the pool to avoid the formation of algae. But in case of fiberglass swimming pools no such chemicals are required for its maintenance as it surface is non-porous.

10. Sound structure:

Whatever the soil condition is, installing a fiberglass swimming pool is easier and ideal suitor because of its flexibility and can bend or shrink well in any type of ground structure. These types of pools are much stronger enough to deal with the elements over years.

So these are the 10 major reasons why you must choose a fiberglass swimming pool than any concrete or vinyl swimming pool in near future.

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